A centralized indoor sump can eliminate these problems.

One indoor sump can serve multiple condensers and coolers, thereby eliminating the need for costly evaporative cooler pan heaters and controls. When packaged open towers are used, aerated water going into the large circulating pumps can be costly. The pumps will constantly lose "prime" and the heat transfer equipment downstream of the pump(s) will lose efficiency, both from the lack of water and from the entrained air. Standard air bleed devices will not remove enough entrained air to eliminate this problem. An open indoor sump is the answer as it allows the water time to be de-aerated before it enters the pump(s).

Many make up water valves, controls and heat tape (freeze protection) can be eliminated if a centralized sump is used. This not only reduces start-up costs, but also reduces the amount of equipment to be serviced or replaced. Additionally, the quantity of pumps can be reduced, their accessibility increased and ability to maintain the water treatment is simplified.

Whether you have 1 tower or 20, you will discover that a remote sump can be a profitable improvement to evaporative cooled product installations.

Why Use an Indoor Sump?

In the use of evaporative cooled products, problems such as freeze protection, aerated water and make up water supplies always seem to occur.