• Many options are available to meet the requirements of the water systems.

  • Many make up water valves, controls and heat tape (freeze protection) can be eliminated if a centralized sump is used.

  • One indoor sump can serve multiple condensers and coolers, thereby eliminating the need for costly evaporative cooler pan heaters and controls.

  • All tanks are manufactured with SA 36 carbon steel or Stainless Steel plate. All seams are 100% welded and structurally reinforced with angle bracing.

  • Each tank is completely leak-tested prior to the application of interior and exterior coatings.

  • Whether you have one tower or twenty, you will discover that a remote sump can be a profitable improvement to evaporate cooled product installations.

Why Upton?

All of our tanks are manufactured locally, and there are many options available to meet water system requirements.