ProductsTank Specifications

All Upton tanks are manufactured with SA 36 carbon steel or Stainless Steel plate. All seams are 100% welded and structurally reinforced with angle bracing. An internal baffle is provided to prevent entrained air and turbulent water from entering the pump suction connection(s). The tank is supplied with FPT connections for water make-up, overflow, drain and pump suction(s). The pump suctions are supplied with a welded vortex eliminator and removable pump suction screen. Each tank is completely leak tested prior to the application of interior and exterior coatings. All surfaces are media blasted to SP-10 on the interior and SP- 6 on the exterior. The standard Upton Tanks coating is Carboline Carbogard 891. The interior coating is 10-15 mils DFT and the exterior coating is 5-7 mils DFT. (Product Data Specifications available upon request).

Tank Options

Many options are available to meet the requirements of water systems.